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After sitting on my butt all winter, knitting and watching Craig Ferguson into the wee hours, it's time to get up, get out, and move!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time for a Change!

Yep! I am officially signed up for the San Francisco Marathon on July 30. Is this foolhardy and crazy? I don't know. I have a trainer (Tuelo at 24 Hour Fitness) who thinks she can get me ready in 4 months. I've spoken to a woman who said she trained for 4 months and went from being unable to run a block to completing the marathon. I can certainly run more than a block. Just ask the people who see me frantically running to catch BART every morning.

If only I can find the right shoes for my terrible flat and weirdly sized feet.

Encouragement and words of advice will be gladly accepted!


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