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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tape, Tiger Balm, Tea, & Taft

After finishing up with Matt Sheehy a week ago, my shin hurts worse than ever! I planned to do some deep water running on Friday in place of my normal run, so I walked a mile to Temescal Pool only to find out that they close at 2:30p.m. now that school is back in session. Bloody buckets of blood! So I walked for a while instead of running.

Today, I did my 7 miles despite the pain. I know it's wrong and bad and stupid and just inexcusable, but I did it anyway. First, I rubbed Tiger Balm into the sore spots and then taped up the leg with an Ace bandage. It felt warm and tingly and smelled like Chai. I can think of worse things.

During the run, the shin hurt intermittently. Interestingly, it hurt less when I ran fast than when I walked. I jogged down Memory Lane, a.k.a. Taft Avenue. Hoped to say hi to Mr. Taft, but he was no where in sight. The fat orange cat at the end of the street is still there, and now there's a new orange kitten a block away on Kales. Progeny of Mr. Taft perhaps?

The losers that kicked us out of our old house have dug up the California poppies that I planted, so now there's just a big empty patch of dirt.

Ran through a street party on Lawton and was almost taken down by an errant rubber ball. The folks could have at least offered me a hotdog, but I guess it would have been hard to eat while running. Plus, I think they'd already seen me choke and splurt my water onto the sidewalk as I approached, so they weren't taking chances with valuable meat food product.

Got home and immediately applied ice (frozen peas and corn) and ibuprofen. Then mixed up a couple of batches of homemade ice cream with Michael. Not a bad day. We'll see if my opinion changes after the Advil wears off.



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