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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Breathing the world...

Semi-annual meditation retreat at Santa Sabina again. Last time I was here, I did my first 30 minute run without walking and was elated. Since then, of course, knee and shin problems have slowed me down. Goals have changed. Expectations shifted. One thing's the same: I have to get my training in.

Friday morning up before the first meditation. It's so cold I can see my breath. Also, a few deer. I Walk 3/Run 2 for 45 minutes up and down the hills before going inside to meditate. I mean, sleep. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. I must be sleeping off a huge deficit.

Sunday morning, I've planned to get up at 4a.m. and do my 8 miles. Mapped it out before the retreat: But when my watch beeps at 4a.m., I come to my senses. Running in the dark in a place I've never run before (along the San Rafael canal) is just crazy. In a bad way. I go back to sleep and get up just in time for the 7a.m. sitting.

It's during this sitting that the shift happens. Suddenly, I'm wide awake. Suddenly, I know that I will skip breakfast and get my butt outside and do my 8 miles before the next sitting at 10am. And that's what I do. In fact, I'm so pumped up that I Run 3/Walk 2.

A glorious day! I feel as if I am breathing in the whole wide world!

San Rafael canal

Lochlomond Marina

San Rafael bridge


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