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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Streaking in Hawaii

On the way back from the marathon to the hotel, I mumble something like, "Whatever will I do next?" Without missing a beat, Fran says, "Color the void!" We all laughed and felt warm and fuzzy for a few minutes.

So I've been thinking about resolutions and plans for 2007. Yes, I've completed a marathon. But was I prepared for it? Not really. Each long run took so much out of me that I missed quite a few training days afterwards. So this year, instead of focusing on endurance, I'm going to get down to the basics of running and work on form and and consistency.

To that end, I plan to join the United States Running Streak Association. To be a Premier Member, one must have run at least 1 mile in every calendar day for a year. I started my streak on Monday, January 15, along the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki and have kept it up for 6 days. Today will make 1 week!

Another goal for this year is to get more involved with the Dolphin South End Runners in San Francisco. I joined up last year after their Walt Stack 10K race but then never participated in another DSE event. This year, I'd like to run and volunteer enough to earn a small Mongo Trophy. The requirements are: 250 miles run/walked, and participation in at least 10 DSE runs (at least one point must be from volunteering)

So far on the schedule of races for this year are the Kaiser Permanente SF 5K on February 4, The SF Bay to Breakers (12K) on May 20, and the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 3. My friend, David Richardson, has signed up to do that one too. So I really need to work on my speed if I'm going to keep up with him!

Well, that's all for now. Gotta go out and streak.


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