June 14, 2007: These California poppies were planted in Spring, 2005 (see below.) Unlike their relatives, the Icelandic poppies (also below,) they survived the frost this winter and came up again.

2006: The poppies came up again in Spring of 2006, but sadly, the Icelandic poppies died during the winter freeze.
August 6, 2005: Progress of new California poppies.

August 6, 2005: Beautiful Icelandic poppies on the roof:

June 27, 2005: The Icelandic poppies finally bloom!!!

June 18, 2005: New California poppies planted on the roof garden of our new home on Hermann Street.

June 18, 2005: The transplanted Icelandic poppies are thriving on the roof!

April 29, 2005: The very first sprouts from a packet of Icelandic poppy seeds planted in the ground at 5582 Taft Avenue. After a couple of weeks of me staring at the ground each morning searching for signs of life, they finally started to come up! (If I'd known we would be evicted a month later, I would have planted them in pots.)



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