Road to Perdition (2002)

Date of first viewing: Saturday, June 14, 2003

Location: Salt Lake City w/ Mom & Dad
Format: VHS
and also sometime last year at the Shattuck Theater in Berkeley

I wasn't thrilled by this film when I saw it in the theater last year, and I'm still not impressed by it. I find it tedious. Will Terry disagrees. Here is our e-mail exchange:

Will: Cool balloons....the road to perdition rocked!

Beth: The Road to Perdition was artificial, overly ornate & precious, took itself way too seriously, and what was up with the American Beauty soundtrack? Oh, wait. Did you see American Beauty? Road to Perdition used the exact same cinemagraphic techniques. But American Beauty was about artifice and superficial appearances, so those techniques worked. Road to Perdition should have been grittier, not so stylized. The camera angles started to become soooo predictable in their cleverness after while.

Will: Damn...that there road to perdishon was bitchin...

Hmm... which sibling was dropped on his head and which one takes herself way too seriously?


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