Lost in Translation (2003)

Date of first viewing: Saturday, October 11, 2003

Location: The Metreon with Michael


At Thu Nov 02, 11:29:00 PM PST, Anonymous kmeelyon said...

This is one of my favorite movies that I've seen this year. I thought it was nearly perfect. I loved the pacing and I thought the shots of Tokyo were absolutely gorgeous. My only complaint is that I didn't like the whole episode with the Scarlet Johansen character acting all jealous after she caught Murray's character in his room with the lounge singer. I think that whole interaction at lunch afterwards should have been cut. It was the one part of the movie where too much was made explicit and I thought it cheapened the film. Otherwise, it was pretty close to perfect.

kmeelyon 10.22.2003, 1:49 am

At Thu Nov 02, 11:30:00 PM PST, Blogger Beth Terry said...

I too thought the movie was beautiful. I really liked it. But for some reason, it didn't stick with me or provoke me to want to write about it. Anyway, I have to disagree with you about Scarlett Johansen's jealousy. I thought that moment really pointed out the difference in their ages. It showed the restraint of a man who has "been there and done that" vs. the inexperience of the young girl who didn't "get" how having sex would have just ruined the connection they had. I actually really liked that moment.

beth 10.23.2003, 6:14 pm


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