The Constant Gardener

Date of first viewing: Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Location: Home
Format: DVD

Based on the previews, I wasn't looking forward to this film but felt compelled to see it before the Academy Awards. I'm so glad I did. I think Meirelles fell in love with Kenya, and his vibrant, thrilling palette invites us to fall in love too. A gorgeous film. I think the studio did it SUCH a disservice to promote it as a fast-paced thriller. The trailers I saw use mainly the slick-looking blue/gray London scenes, which are a small part of the film, rather than the gorgeous super-saturated Kenyan scenes. Based on those trailers, it looks to be just the usual cold-blooded spy thriller. It is no such thing, and I think the audiences that went to see it or rented it based on the trailers were the WRONG AUDIENCES for the film! WHY OH WHY DO STUDIOS MAKE THIS MISTAKE???


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