Garden Update: June 14,2007

Welcome to our sunny roof garden, now in its 3rd year. Some plants are new. Some have survived since the beginning. Click on each image to view larger size. Some of the individual plants have links to pages with more photos showing their progress since they were first acquired or planted. I'll be adding more of these links as I have time.

Click here for more info about these poppies.

Click here for more info about this mirror bush.

Click here for more info about this lavatera.

Click here for more info about this centaurea.

Click here for more information about these citrus trees.




Anonymous Rebecca said...

Your plants are very pretty. I am living in Las Vegas and it is so hard to grow anything except cacti outside in a pot, and believe it or not even cacti do not thrive. I am getting ready to move to Oregon and looking forward to growing many plants outside. I may even try my hand at Bonzai again.

March 2, 2008 5:50 PM  

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