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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I did it all for the shirt...

Another day, another run. I couldn't resist. Wouldn't you run another race a week after your first 1/2 marathon if you could get a shirt like this:

Once again, I planned to do less than I actually did. I had a choice: 2M, 5K, or 10K. I thought 5K would be a good distance to get back into running after recovering from last Sunday. But when I got to Lafayette and looked at the course map, I realized that only the 10K race actually went around the reservoir. The other 2 races just sort of went up to the entrance and turned around. And what's the point of doing a Lafayette Reservoir Run if you don't get to actually see the reservoir???

So I did the 10K. I walked a lot of it. The path around the reservoir has some major hill action. My quads were not thrilled going up, but my whole body rejoiced coming down! A hill that takes me several minutes to climb only requires about 10 seconds to descend. My feet are in the air longer than they are on the ground, my heels nearly kicking my butt as my elbows turn into wings. It's scary good fun!

So here are the official results of my walk/run 10K:

My 1:11:17 finish time makes up for the porta-potty-lowered half marathon 10K split time of 1:26:55. I do learn. I got there an hour early and peed 3 times before the race started. My walking/running ratio was about the same amount as last Sunday. The only other difference was the hills. The first 10K of the half marathon was flat, so I'm guessing my time would have been even faster than this Sunday's.

Next up: training for the Disney World Marathon on my birthday, January 7.



Anonymous Mark said...

Cool shirt- if I was a runner I'd have gone 4 it 2.

1:45 PM  

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